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I enjoyed this. Very relaxing and fun to simply navigate a forest avoiding danger by sound.

Controls feel good. Besides the foliage acting kinda funny, it's a solid presentation.

This is a really scary game. It looks and plays good.

We love Nordic folklore and mythology.

We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work!!!

Thanks for playing and keep up the good work. Glad you had fun!


The shading is a little bit off, but the noises those creatures make, especially the screams, are perhaps the scariest thing I've heard in a while. Did you get those from freesound?

If I may, I think it would be even scarier if it starts during the day, with the island being empty, but you find little notes scattered throughout saying stuff like 'the trees move'. Then when night comes, that's when the monsters emerge.

Hey agwoodliffe, thanks for the feedback :)

You're correct, most of the sound effects are from freesound. The scream letting you know you've been spotted is particularly blood-curdling I think!

It's an interesting idea starting during the day and slowly revealing the creatures to the player. The main reason I avoided this was I wanted to drop the player straight into the game and getting scared as soon as possible! However, one of the big problems I've noticed is how difficult to navigate the island can be. Allowing the player to first orientate themselves during daylight would certainly help.

Thanks again :)